Tripps Travel Network knows that Seattle is one of the best destinations in the United States with a lot to offer travelers. There are many opportunities to enjoy the lush green outdoors, as well as explore the history in the downtown area. There’s something for everyone in Seattle, and here are just a few reasons as to why it should be next on your destinations list.

  1. Pike Place Market is a great place for tourist attractions, but also for great shopping and dining experiences. This waterfront market, which originated in 1907, offers many different coffee shops, restaurants, and even a guided tour that exposes you to the history of the market. Tripps Travel Network knows There’s something there for everyone, and the market can easily make a whole day of visiting this top spot.
  2. Seattle is where to find he iconic Space Needle. The 520-foot high view from the observation deck offers a truly one-of-a-kind view of the city, as well as the Olympic Mountains, which are just nearby. Seeing the sites from the the observation deck is one of the most exciting parts of the visit.  There is also a revolving restaurant at the tip, for those who want a tasty meal in a unique setting.
  3. For the fine art lovers as well as those who enjoy the outdoors, Tripps Travel Network knows that the Olympic Sculpture Park is a great place to experience an outdoor establishment of unique art. It’s a 9-acre section of the Seattle Art Museum, featuring one-of-a-kind sculptures by well known artists. This also allows a great view that stretches over Elliot Bay all the way to the Olympic Mountains, offering a great cultural experience while getting another spectacular view of the landmarks in the city.