Here are some helpful tips for navigating a vacation in another country:

Tipping – Tips are done differently in different parts of the world. While cab drivers do not expect to be tipped, they have been known to overcharge, so make sure to negotiate and agree on a fare up front. Tripps Travel Network share Tips at restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are expected, just like in the United States. Tipping hotel staff and room service is considered to be polite and generous. However, tipping for service on the beach or in your room does not have to consist of money. Small gifts are often considered more special and thoughtful.


Money – Of course most people will carry credit cards, cash is accepted at most places, both in US and Mexican currency. Convert only what you think you’ll need, or a little at a time so you aren’t stuck with pesos that you don’t need upon returning to the United States. Remember that ripped or torn pesos are not acceptable anywhere, so be sure to ask for a replacement if someone tries to give you one.  Also be careful not to flash around large bills or wads of American dollars. If using credit cards, make sure you notified your bank before leaving the country so they do not freeze the account. The same goes for your cell phone carrier. Make sure the phone will work (if you want it to) in Cancun and that there will be no extra charges upon your return.


General Travel– The old adage about only drinking bottled water is probably still the best bet. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants filter their water, but better safe than sorry. Also, make sure that the sunscreen packed is waterproof. It’s unlikely that visitors will spend any amount of time outside without getting into the pool or ocean, so it’s really the only option for keeping your skin safe. A big one to remember is that pedestrians do not have the right of way in Mexico, don’t assume they are going to stop for you. Last but not least, hotels on the beach are protective of their access, so if you aren’t staying there, please use one of the ten public access ways points to access the water.


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