Tripps Travel Network Reviews the Rock. A leader in member-based vacations offers a highlight of the infamous Rock. While visiting San Fransico, there is so much to see and do. You can visit all the trendy neighborhoods, and Golden Gate park check out the Janis Joplin tree and more.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews would like to give you some tips on visiting the Rock on the Island of Alcatraz. First by your tickets online you may find that you show up on the dock that the tickets for this attraction are sold out till next week or so. So book early and book online as lines can be long and they may not be available. After boarding, you get a great view of San Fransisco and the sites for the water it indeed is a beautiful city as you will see for yourself. When you land at the pier on Alcatraz Island the tour begins. You follow the queue and enter the park. It is a designated National Park so don’t go leaving your mark so and so was here, or you may find yourself in hot water. You will be given a set of headphones then you begin your tour. You will see pictures and stories from past guards and also from prisoners that tell their little stories.

Then you will see the infamous one who stayed there. Such mobsters like Al Capone and the likes of such. Walking along the different areas you will see how they were check in then were the cells are and the famous Broadway avenue that the newbies would make there first walk to there new all-inclusive resort cell. You will see the cell and the hole in the wall from the movie with Clint Eastwood, greatest Actor, Director-Producer of all time. And of course, the yard was where they would get fresh air and of course the cafeteria.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews would suggest that you make this a bucket list trip added to your list and remembered as a Tripps Travel Network member the resorts we offer are much more beautiful and the luxury you deserve. We have included a slide show of the hights of the Rock for your viewing pleasure. Safe travels everyone.

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